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Ocher earthenware dish with rim


2 in stock (can be backordered)

  • Ocher earthenware dish with rim. 26cm / 10,3 inches diameter.
  • Nice to use loose, but also a nice addition to the rest of our Tamegroute tableware!
  • With the purchase of this dish, you help the maker with a fair income: this is a fair-trade product.
  • This dish is not dishwasher safe.
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2 in stock (can be backordered)

Missing a platter for a nice side dish? Or are you looking for some special tableware? This ocher earthenware dish with rim from Tamegroute is what you are looking for and a really nice addition to your home.

The pottery from Tamegroute is famous for its special colors; this color green comes from the glaze that is made locally with natural materials according to an old (well-preserved) tradition. We show here how it is being made. In addition, you have the color yellow, ocher yellow, or mustard yellow. That is the color of this special saucer with the rim.

With this pottery, which is made by hand, you bring something very special into your home. We also hear from customers that they are not bored with their purchases. The special object continues to look distinct and special. It is not perfect factory work, and that is precisely the charm of this dish.

The dish can be used perfectly for a dinner. All your dishes will look special on this! But purely as a decoration or if you want the color ocher in your living room, then this is a perfect item. In short; this ocher earthenware dish with a rim can be used in many ways. And also goes well with the rest of our yellow Tamegroute pottery.

And the great thing about this dish is that you are not only doing yourself a favor with it but also Atman. Atman, together with his fellow villagers, makes these beautiful things in Tamegroute. We buy this pottery for a fair price. It is a fair trade product. Much of Atman's income has been lost because tourism has fallen so much in Morocco. In this way, we help him with some income..

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