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Help Local with Love

Honest, handmade interior-accessories and bags


Looking for a unique home accessory or a nice bag? Here you will find sustainable, handmade items, bought locally in Morocco and Sri Lanka for a fair price. Directly from the makers, especially for you.


The products we offer you are made by artisans in non-Western countries who’ve lost their income due to COVID-19. Now that the tourists stay away, they can no longer sell their goods. They live in countries without social security. No money means no medical facilities, no living space, no food.

And there’s where we can make a difference, with ‘Help Local with Love’.

With your purchase at ‘Help Local with Love’ you immediately help these craftsmen with a little income. In this way, we want to ensure that these people also get through this difficult time.

‘Help Local with Love’ is run by people from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Morocco. The Belgian and Dutch part of our team does this work largely voluntarily. The proceeds, therefore, benefit the people who need it as much as possible.


Connection and respect

Craftsmen from non-Western countries can still sell their stuff to the tourist who now stay at home.
We would also like to show you the people behind the products and how they work.

It is difficult to travel now, but through ‘Help Local with Love we can bring people closer together. We show you how your unique purchase is made, and tell you more about the people, culture, and background. And we like to do that! Not only to make up for the lack of travel but also to give the craftsmen a stage so that they can proudly show themselves to the world. We not only want to help them financially but also boost their self-esteem. While you are happy with a beautiful and special product!

Local craftsmen

We like to show you the origin of the products and how they are produced.
So you know what you are buying and where your money is going.
‘How is it made’ will show you. We are busy showing you more, so stay tuned!

Want to know more?

We love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments. Mailing to [email protected] is the fastest.

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