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Review policy

retourneren - Help Local with Love - unique handmade fairtrade products

Our review platform

HelpLocalwithLove uses the review options of our platform WordPress/Woocommerce.

New legislation

As of May 28, 2022, the Unfair Commercial Practices Act has been expanded and reviews are subject to significantly stricter regulations.


Our Policy

Due to this new legislation, we must – rightly – explain how we work with reviews. That is described below.

1) HelpLocalwithLove actively asks customers for reviews and we check whether reviews that are given have actually been posted by people who have purchased one or more products from HelpLocalwithLove. This is done by a manual check by us.

2) HelpLocalwithLove does NOT have a reward policy for posting reviews. In other words, no reward has ever been given in exchange for posting a review, either in cash, in the form of free products, or otherwise.

3) No platform that HelpLocalwithLove uses (review platforms and/or social media) will manipulate customer responses. In other words: this means that, for example, no ‘likes’ are purchased, and that reactions and reviews are not displayed selectively or incorrectly. We post all reviews that we receive from customers.

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