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Small tajine


2 in stock (can be backordered)

  • Nice single tagine, handmade in Tamegroute.
  • Diameter 17 cm / 6,7 inches.
  • Because they are handmade, the color and shape may vary slightly.
  • The tajine is not dishwasher safe. You can’t cook with it either. The tagine is really only meant for serving food or decoration.
  • BEWARE! The last 2 tajines are on sale because they are slightly damaged, but throwing them away is a shame….

2 in stock (can be backordered)

Looking for something special to present at the table?

How about this unique and handmade small tagine? With this cute little accessory, you can 'shine' and immediately bring the atmosphere of Morocco into your home. Ideal for serving dishes such as couscous or tagine. For example, if you want to serve a vegetarian dish for someone else. Or for a side dish. But also just purely decorative, this is a very beautiful thing. The color of this pottery is unique to the place Tamegroute in Morocco. Here you can read more about it so that you can immediately tell your guests all about this cute little tagine and how to have supported the local artisans by purchasing this tagine.

Is the small tajine not quite what you are looking for? Or would you rather have a tagine of 18 cm diameter instead of the 17 cm diameter that this tagine has? Please contact us because Atman and his staff can tailor everything for you.

Because the small tagine is handmade, the color may vary slightly. The tajine is not suitable for cooking, only for serving food. And not dishwasher safe.

Shop at HelpLocalWithLove and help local artisans earn a living.

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