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The people behind ‘Help Local with Love’

This webshop is an initiative of a number of people with a passion for travel. ‘Help Local with Love’ is run by people from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Morocco. The Belgian and Dutch part of our team does this work largely voluntarily. The proceeds, therefore, benefit the people who need it as much as possible.


We sell handmade products from Morocco. We do this in collaboration with the Belgian foundation Find Your Smile Again and travel agency Travel Magical Morocco.

Recently, products from Sri Lanka have been added. This sale is done in collaboration with the Dutch Friendship Foundation.

Hilde Termote

Hilde Termote

Body&Mind Happy Feeling and driving force behind the humanitarian projects ‘Find your smile again’


My heart lies in Morocco and together with you I go for a successful help local with love story. Living with locals for five years gives me the necessary vibes to bring products of which I feel the heart and intentions of the women and families working at home as well as our local employees. Morocco is known for its wonderful crafts passed down from generation to generation and that is exactly what we are bringing to you. I am enthusiastically looking for beautiful products with a story.

Geert Kroos

Geert Kroos

Geert Kroos, founder of ResiRest, a social enterprise focused on bringing travelers to the dining table with local families all over the world.

The ground where your cradle stands means for many people in the world that they remain bound to that ground. This is not an issue for people who are born on good grounds. What if your crib – if you already had a crib – is in native soil where opportunities to make something of your life are not as abundant as in countries where those opportunities are abundant? Hard work and learning a trade is not always possible. For women in many countries, there are often even fewer opportunities. We can do something about that!

Helplocalwithlove.shop is that extra opportunity for local families worldwide who can add something to the world. It gives them that extra bit of earning power by creating something beautiful for people in a different native land. People who do not have that skill themselves, but do appreciate the beauty and purity with which these products are made.
By purchasing these products you make the life of someone else a little more valuable. It’s not all about money. It is much more about the appreciation and the weather being allowed to count.
We all want that in the end. Being able to participate in this world and thus even be proud of your native soil 😊

Hassan Hisse

Hassan Hisse

Guide, and co-owner of Travel Magical Morocco


Hi everyone, my name is Hassan. I participate in Help Local with Love because I want to bring Morocco closer to people worldwide. And because I want to help sustain income for the people here.

I am responsible for contact with all craftsmen.

Marjolein Mosmans

Marjolein Mosmans

Co-owner of Travel Magical Morocco and team member at ResiRest


My name is Marjolein. And like everyone else, my life has also been changed by corona, annoying, but do-able. For many people in second and third world countries, life has changed a lot more drastically. Because there are no tourists anymore, their income has often completely disappeared, immediately resulting in poverty.
And I want to do something about that. Hence this webshop. However small, it’s better than being scared, doing nothing, or getting negative.

So I hope you all buy and help 🙂

Help Local with Love

J.M. Graadt van Roggenweg 21, 1862 XP Bergen (NH), The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce 37116981 (Help Local with Love is a registered trademark of AutomaMA B.V.)

VAT  NL 8209.39.389.B.01

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