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Green earthenware vase


9 in stock (can be backordered)

  • A beautiful vase of 10 cm high.
  • Because it is handmade, each vase has its own unique motif.
  • Ideal for a small sweet bouquet, for just in your interior and also nice as a gift!
  • With the purchase of this vase, you also do something nice for its maker. This will help you earn an income: this is a fair-trade product.
  • This vase is not dishwasher safe.

9 in stock (can be backordered)

Nice bunch of flowers, but no nice vase? A nice green earthenware vase is the solution.

The pottery from the small south-Moroccan village of Tamegroute is famous for its special color; this color green comes from the glaze that is made therewith natural materials according to an old (well-preserved) tradition. We show here how it's made.

With this pottery, which is made by hand, you bring something very special into your home. We also hear from customers that they are not bored with their purchases. The special object continues to look unique and special. It is not perfect factory work, and that is precisely the charm of this beautiful flat bowl.

This nice little vase is really perfect for a sweet bouquet. But this is also a beautiful item without flowers. For example, if you want greenery in your home interior. In short; this vase is fun in many different ways.

And the great thing about this green earthenware vase is that you are not only doing yourself a favor with it but also Atman!

Atman, together with his fellow villagers, makes these beautiful things in Tamegroute. We buy this pottery for a fair price. It is a fair trade product. Much of Atman's income has been lost because tourism has fallen so much in Morocco. This way, we help him with some income.

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