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Sustainable promotional gift from HelpLocalwithLove

by | 22 Oct 2022 | Inspiration | 0 comments

We are proud to announce that we can now arrange your sustainable promotional gift as well, which is excellent around the holidays, or just as a thank you.

An example of a sustainable business gift is the gifts from Sugi and his daughter Christina from Sri Lanka. Sugi makes notebooks if desired with a logo. The special thing about the booklets is that the cover can be planted. It may sound weird but is true. The cover is biodegradable and filled with seeds. So with that eco-friendly promotional gift, you make the world a little more beautiful again.

Sugi’s daughter Christina owns a company that makes pens, basically with the same concept: when the pens are empty they can be sown. The pens can also be provided with a logo or another personal message.

The great thing is that we pay Sugi and Christina a fair price for this. So that we support the people in Sri Lanka, have beautiful sustainable eco-friendly gifts and you can give your relations something special as a token of appreciation.

We also realize that a gift from Sri Lanka entails transport costs (read CO2 emissions). We are currently investigating how we can compensate for this as well as possible.

The notebooks are available in A5 or A6 format. And the notebooks and pens can also be supplied separately.
The pens are also for sale separately on the webshop

You came to the right place for a sustainable promotional gift.

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