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Woolen picnic blanket


2 in stock (can be backordered)

  • Nice and large woolen picnic blanket of 160 x 350 cm / 63 x 1378 inches.
  • Room for extra people on your blanket.
  • The cheerful colors ensure an even better day!
  • With the purchase of this blanket, you directly help the maker with an income: this is a fair-trade product.
  • This blanket is made from what the home weaver still had leftover from wool. So every blanket is unique.
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2 in stock (can be backordered)

Picture yourself on a sunny day, grab this woolen picnic blanket and all other stuff and enjoy a beautiful day in the garden, in the park, on the beach, or in the forest. Be outside and enjoy the sun, the summer weather, and good company on this beautiful handmade picnic rug.

This picnic blanket is nice and big, so plenty of room for your friends or family. And all the stuff to enjoy that lunch in the park, games in the garden. Or to read stretched out, or to relax mindfully or sunbathe with your eyes closed.

Another advantage is that this picnic rug really stands out. So ideal for your children if, for example, they play in the sea and want to return to you to ask if they can have ice cream. The cheerful colors ensure that your summer mood becomes even better.

This rug, made of pure wool, is handmade in Morocco. The maker of this rug is the home weaver in Tamesloght. The nice thing is that he made the rugs from the leftovers of wool that were still available. This results in special color combinations. Here you can see how the rugs are made. We buy these fair-trade rugs from him.

Each woolen picnic blanket is therefore unique in terms of color scheme.

Looking for something else? Bigger or smaller blanket? Specific colors? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to discuss the options and can discuss the options with the home weaver.

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