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Warm through the winter with the sustainable and fair blankets

by | 15 Oct 2022 | In the press

Warm through the winter with the sustainable and fair blankets from HelpLocalWithLove


With the rising energy prices, everyone is looking for ways to save on energy bills. Turn the heating down a degree, and take a shorter shower. With the sustainable wool and cotton blankets from HelpLocalwithLove, we contribute in our own way. These blankets, handmade in Morocco, provide the makers with a fair income, with which they can support their families. And they keep you nice and warm at home.


The blankets vary in size from 1.40 by 1.60 cm to 2 by 3 meters. And can serve ideally as a plaid on the couch, as a play or floor rug, yoga rug, or as picnic rug.


But at the moment these blankets are especially nice on the couch or on the bed. You can snuggle under it to keep warm. With such a large blanket, it is also super fun to do together. The heating can easily be lowered by a degree: you can quickly save € 100 per year or more.

The natural wool is wonderfully warm, which makes for a nice, cozy feeling.


The blankets are made by hand, among others by the home weaver in Tamesloght. In his workshop -which actually also serves as a house- he has woven many woolen blankets by hand. The nice thing about this is that all blankets are unique.


The blankets are dyed with natural dyes and there are a number of very cheerful ones. But there are also various wool and cotton blankets in various colors that fit perfectly with your interior. So there is something for everyone.


All blankets are purchased directly from the makers in Morocco. This also gives them their own income with which they can support themselves and their family. HelpLocalwithLove pays a fair wage for the blankets made.


In short; HelpLocalwithLove blankets are beautiful handicrafts that contribute in an honest way to a sustainable world for people and the environment. Both at home in the Netherlands and for the makers in Morocco.



About HelpLocalwithLove

HelpLocalwithLove in a webshop in sustainable home accessories, bags and more. We buy our products directly from the makers in Morocco and Sri Lanka. All products are handmade and made with love by artisans who had a very hard time during the corona period. That is why we have decided to buy their crafts for a fair price and offer them in the Netherlands. Thanks to the direct collaboration with the makers, we can also deliver to order. View the full range at


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Warm through the winter with the sustainable and fair blankets

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