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Travel organization starts webshop HelpLocalwithLove

by | 1 Oct 2020 | In the press

Travel organization starts webshop HelpLocalwithLove

Travel agency Travel Magical Marocco will launch the HelpLocalwithLove webshop at the beginning of 2020. The travel organization establishes the sales platform for the sale of products from artisans from Morocco during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stage and sales channel for day laborers

The webshop serves as a stage and sales channel for day laborers in Morocco affected by the lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative is committed to reducing the enormous impact of the long-term absence of tourists. Help Local with Love buys handicraft products through a local contact, directly from the emergency day laborers, at a fair trade price. These products are offered for sale via the webshop

Reducing the COVID-19 impact

With this, she wants to contribute pragmatically to limiting the consequences of COVID-19 and to securing the future of the local population within the travel industry. At the same time, it serves the European market with authentic accessories and products from Morocco during a forced period of no travel.

Help is needed!

But more help is needed. Will you help too? You can help by purchasing one of the beautiful craft products and accessories in the Help Local with Love shop, but you can also donate through our Go Fund Me page.


Travel organization starts webshop HelpLocalwithLove

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