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Gift vouchers

by | 28 Mar 2021 | Inspiration, Promotions

Is it someone’s birthday, graduation, or just because? HelpLocalwithLove recently started issuing gift vouchers!

How does it work? It is very easy; send an email to [email protected] and ask for a gift voucher. Please tell us what amount you want to spend, and we will email you a discount code. Payment is by invoice or tikkie .

Whenever the receiver of the gift voucher selects and purchases an item at our webshop the code can be entered at our checkout, and the discount will then be deducted automatically.

If the receiver buys less than the issued amount on the gift voucher the remains will be kept until the next purchase, So there is no hurry in spending the gift vouchers and you can be sure that the receiver of your present will buy something really to it’s liking.

Upon request, we can also send an email or a card on your behalf with the discount code to the person you want to surprise.

The gift voucher is the perfect gift for someone who is moving and needs to decorate a new home. Or as a birthday-gift, a farewell present to a colleague or any other occasion that deservers a unique and hand-made present, but you are not sure yet what is should be.

So contact us and surprise some-one with this lovely gift.

gift voucher

Marjolein Mosmans
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