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Always a tidy house with sustainable and fair baskets

by | 15 Oct 2022 | In the press

Always a tidy house with sustainable and fair baskets from HelpLocalWithLove

Who doesn’t recognize that? A messy and disorganized house, in which everything is lying around. With HelpLocalwithLove’s sustainable wicker baskets, that annoyance is a thing of the past. These baskets, handmade in Morocco, provide the makers with a fair income, with which they can support their families.


The baskets vary in size from 20 cm to 60 cm high, in various shapes, with and without lids. And can be used in many ways. For example, to keep women’s articles out of sight in the toilet. Give the cords, plugs, and cables of your laptop a neat picture. Or as a large toy basket, laundry basket or to store a set of those beautiful handmade blankets.


The baskets are made of reed that grows in many places in Morocco and also grows again every year. The reeds are cut and the baskets are woven by women in the souks (the old city center) of Marrakesh. The baskets were bought directly from the women. This also gives them their own income with which they can support themselves and their family. An additional advantage is that the weaving of the baskets is often done at home. This gives women the freedom to work from home. HelpLocalwithLove naturally pays a fair wage for the baskets made.

Some baskets are made of cane with colored wool around them. The beauty of handicrafts is that, if desired, wool baskets can be woven in all shapes, sizes, and in different colors. All this can be done on request. It’s time to wait. But a unique, handmade and personal basket makes it well worth it.

In addition, the reed provides a natural appearance and we are dealing here with a natural and environmentally friendly product.


In short; the HelpLocalwithLove baskets are beautiful handicrafts that contribute in an honest way to a sustainable world for people and the environment.

About HelpLocalwithLove

HelpLocalwithLove is a webshop in sustainable home accessories, bags, and more. We buy our products directly from the makers in Morocco and Sri Lanka. All products are handmade and made with love by artisans who had a very hard time during the corona period. That is why we have decided to buy their crafts for a fair price and offer them in the Netherlands. Thanks to the direct collaboration with the makers, we can also deliver to order. View the full range at


For additional information, interview requests or other collaborations, please contact Marjolein Mosmans (06-466 17 493 or [email protected]). More high-resolution images are available on request. We would like to hear from you if you want to publish something. Please mention when publishing: HelpLocalwithLove– .

Always a tidy house with sustainable and fair baskets from HelpLocalwithLove – August 2022

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